Bingo SEO Tool

From professionals, for professionals.

Why us?

Because, we offer the best service for the cheapest price. Here you can see some features.

Multi-Parse Mode

Scrape between more than 7 search engines simultaneously.

Filter Feature

Our Filter Feature filter out the parameterless URL's, and cleans every trashy line, leaving you good, clean URL with only parameters.

Maximum Pages

You can choose how many pages you want to parse from your dorks. This option allows you to parse much more URL's from only a single dork.


Our software is fully optimized multi-threaded that is written by experienced software developers. Say goodbye to memory leaks, and hi to maximum performance.

Remove Dupes

You can choose if you want to remove duplicated domains or not. It's all your choice.

Multiple Browsers

You can choose from more than 7 Search Engines to parse from. Without any limitation.

Anti Public

You can build a local anti public database or use our serverside database to filter your URL's in the future to prevent getting same ones everytime.

Ouroboros Scan Mode

Unique method founded by BingO which allows you to scrape unlimited links with small amount of dorks.

Advanced Vulnscanner

Our Vulnscanner is the fastest and the most advanced vulnscanner you can ever find. We support more than 15 real SQLi payloads, and we have more than 60 database type identifier keys to give you the most accurate results.

Config Support

We have a full Config Support for making your own parser modules. You can find the documentation on our discord server. Please note that Config Support is only supporting GET requests.


These are the browsers included in our tools.

Included in

Basic, Pro, Enterprise

Included in

Pro, Enterprise

Included in


Included in


Included in


Included in


Included in


Included in


Included in



These are the plans that we sell for our tools.

Monthly Basic Plan

$13.99 /mo

Our basic plan is made for small businesses, if you are just starting out, this is perfect for you. You can view the specific features here.

Monthly Pro Plan

$19.99 /mo

Our Pro plan with the advanced Vulnscanner and Google Module for growing businesses, you can view the specific features here.

Monthly Enterprise Plan

$27.99 /mo

Our Enterprise plan featuring every single module for big businesses, Vulnscanner, Ouroboros Mode, Config Support and Multi-Parse support. All features


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